Bring them home…

Posted: January 25, 2009 by chrisbrwn21 in Christian living, Current Issues, Reform, Revival, The Church

So there is something horrifying going on in our churches today. It is not only horrifying, but disturbing, disgusting, and pretty much any other word that goes a long with that sentiment. This atrocity is the lack of communication, brotherhood, and love in our churches. When you read the bible you realize that the men who wrote it really had been willing to die for Jesus Christ. They were true brothers and sisters in the Gospel. They were willing to lay it all down for Jesus. Who can say this today? Who is even willing to welcome new members into the church? Back in the days of Christ these people risked their lives to bring converts into the church, but today in a country where we can do as we please without having to worry at all about any kind of back-lash, we refuse. We refuse to bring in non-believers. We refuse to help those who need it. We refuse to be good brothers and sisters in Christ. We are so stuck in our comfort zones. We are so unwilling to let go of what we have had to try something new to allow something new into our world – into our comfort zone. We do this in many aspects of our lives, but the biggest place you see this is in the Church.

I say we because I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. I have made up excuse after excuse to defend why I shouldn’t extend the hand of friendship to someone who needs it. I am ashamed, and I am frustrated with myself and Christians alike. We spend so much time nit-picking stupid little things. We spend so much time telling people why they are going to hell, instead of how they can get into heaven. We have missed the point completely. Our task is not to go and sit in church judging everybody’s every little flaw, so that we can get a free pass into God’s kingdom. We are supposed to bring in the lost. We are supposed to feed people’s hunger for the one and only Jesus Christ. Yet we don’t in a country where we can do it without any penalty. We don’t live in a country like China where it is illegal to practice Christianity. The Christians in China are much braver than any of us. They risk their freedom for Jesus. They risk their lives for their love of this spectacular savior, and we can’t even extend a hand to a friend, because it could cause strain or discomfort in our simple little comfort zone. These are the kinds of excuses we come up with… We should all be ashamed, I know that I am. I am so ashamed of myself. I call myself a Christian, but I have found myself doing this. I have found myself being a fool, and worrying more about what someone will think of me, rather than trying to bring someone to Jesus Christ.

So with all of that said, I issue a challenge. I mentioned it this evening to Josiah, and he agrees that it is a good idea. I believe we should each pick one person a month and do everything we can to bring them to God, whether it be through Chi Alpha, a home church, some other campus ministry program, however. Set your sites on that person and do not give up. Bring them with you! Show them how amazing our Savior is! Stop worrying about past problems. Stop dwelling on things that have gone and never will be again, and focus on bringing Gods lost children to him. This isn’t that steep of a challenge. We all know somebody that we would love to see find Christ. We all know someone that we love so much, but know will never follow us into the Kingdom of Heaven unless we do something to help them now. Focus on that person, and bring them home. We can do this guys. We can do this so easily. We live in the United States of America. And by all means, don’t let it stop at one. If you can bring multiple people into the church in a month, then do it! Do what you can to bring these people home!…It starts here…It starts now…Bring them home…Just bring them home.

I don’t mean to step on toes here, but if you are offended, then you should take a good hard look at what’s going on. Give me one valid excuse as to why you are offended. I don’t think any will ever hold up. If you are doing all you possibly can, well that’s great. I sincerely applaud you. But I know that about 99.9% of us can do so much more. So do more. Just do more. I know I will be. I can never do enough. I will never do enough, but I will try. I pray that you do the same.

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