He Changes Lives

Posted: March 8, 2010 by Josiah Batten in Uncategorized

Dear Friends, I’m writing to inform you of the B&H Academic Video Contest. The contest was inspired by William Dembski’s book, “The End of Christianity.” Contestants, who must be full-time students, are asked to create short videos in which we answer “Why do you believe God is good?”

My friends and I have created a video for the contest. If we win the $5,000 prize ($3,700 after taxes), we will be giving all the proceeds to a team from our Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship teaching English in China over the summer.

To view and vote for our video, follow this link: http://memelabs.com/godornot/?play=14051

Our video is entitled “He Changes Lives”. Voting is free, and it only takes an e-mail address and about 1 minute to register on the website.

Thank you and God bless! Josiah

P.S.- Please help us promote this video by posting the link to our video in your status, in notes, e-mails, church bulletins, etc…

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