In my last post I aimed my guns at liberals.  Clearly it was a TKO and no reasonable person will remain a standard liberal after reading that.  But it should be noted that conservatives are just as much in trouble here, especially when we consider issues of corporatism.  Consider the following:

  1. Individual behavior (same-sex marriage, for instance) should be governmentally regulated to protect the moral foundations of society.
  2. The free-market is self-governing, will act in society’s best interest, and so should not be regulated.

Or this:

  1. We must protect life in all stages.
  2. Corporations are “people” and entitled to all the rights and privileges thereof.

Then there’s this one:

  1. Individual liberty must be protected against Islamofacism.
  2. Individual liberty must be sacrificed for national security (as in the Patriot Act, among other things).

And last:

  1. We must oppose the federal government’s interference in education.
  2. The federal government should promote teaching intelligent design, home schooling, and parent’s ability to have academic freedom.

I’m not here do endorse or oppose any of these particular positions (in this post, anyway).  I’m simply pointing out that these positions, held by conservatives, at the very least have significant tension between them.  I believe they are actually inconsistent and contradictory.

But that’s exactly what I, as a Christian, expect.  Romans 1:18-23 shows that human thinking has been darkened and blinded by our sin.  Our thinking in many respects is “nonsense” (HCSB).  And this is what we must work against in our political system.

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