The Bible and Homosexuality

Posted: December 28, 2013 by Josiah Batten in Apologetics, Bible Study, Homosexuality
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The question of what the Bible teaches regarding homosexuality is one of tremendous importance and heated dispute in the current era. An increasing number of professing Christians are questioning traditional teaching on this topic, and the culture at large has strongly rejected traditional Christian teaching on it. Nonetheless, it is my contention that this questioning is not based on the biblical text, but is based on cultural predispositions to reject any form of sexual constraint. Among professing Christians the key question must always be “What does the Bible teach?” We are not permitted to disregard Scripture on a cultural whim.

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  1. No, but we are allowed to look at cultural context of the writings. Gay marriage is not addressed in the Bible because it was not a cultural possibility.

  2. Josiah Batten says:

    Did you actually read the whole post?

  3. Why do you imagine I did not?

    To refute all you say would be tedious. If you want the refutation, look it up: it is easily found all over the internet, in scholarly and popularising articles.

    God bless you.

  4. Josiah Batten says:

    Well, because the post doesn’t actually address gay marriage directly. I’m not sure why that particular issue came up given the post is directed toward questions about whether the Bible condemns homosexual sex as a sin.

    • My refutation of your post is in my reference to marriage. You talk of a “whim”, and marriage is certainly not a whim. In the rest of the article you generalise sex with enslaved prostitutes to gay lovemaking.

      What you write is irrelevant. God’s love in the love of two human beings for each other is the refutation.

  5. Josiah Batten says:

    I didn’t say marriage was a whim. What I said was “We are not permitted to disregard Scripture on a cultural whim.” It seems you’re reading “gay marriage” into this statement, despite the fact that I didn’t bring it up, nor is that what I was referring to when I said “cultural whim.”

    And what I write is not irrelevant when we’re having a discussion about what I wrote!

  6. Irrelevant: look at the first chart here. The chart on interracial marriage rubs it in. God’s will is being done. There is no whim.

    • Josiah Batten says:

      A whim is “a sudden desire or change of mind.” The first chart shows exactly what I claimed. Thank you.

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