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This is a very funny, and surprisingly accurate, satirical video:


It is a sure sign of moral decay in society when teachers, those entrusted by large segments of society with indoctrinating instilling moral values in our children, fail to walk by even basic standards of morality.  I’m speaking of James Hooker (that’s really his name, though it applies to him in other senses) and Jordon Powers.  The Hooker, a 41 year old teacher, left his wife, children and job to be in a relationship with Powers.  Powers, as you probably know, is an 18 year old student.

Fundamentally, this is a sign that our morality is collapsing.  This is only what can be expected in a relativistic or subjectivist society.  When we deny the existence of objective moral truth, everything is permissible.  On relativism, moral standards are arbitrary lines in the sand.  Eventually, people cross those lines, and it gets continually pushed back.  Of course, we all know how this ends:  Walking over a cliff.  People in our society want to be able to do anything with no consequences.  They fail to keep in mind that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Guess what the equal and opposite reaction to walking over a cliff is?  Anyone?

Of course, this fundamental collapse of morality manifests itself in our educational system.  My senior year of high school, I recall my speech teacher talking about how in her homeroom she had more “Straight F” averages than “Straight A” averages.  It used to be that grades of C were bad, but for many now that’s the norm and completely acceptable.  This is indicative of something we conservative Christians have known for a long time:  An educational system hijacked by secular values simply doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work because it’s not true.  Education must be infused with biblical truth.

Finally, our families are collapsing.  The Hooker is acting wickedly and immorally toward his family.  He has an obligation as a husband and father to provide for and lead in his family.  His negligence here is despicable.  But it is in fact simply the consistent outworking of our secular relativistic worldview.  Society cannot function without strong families, and the Hooker provides an excellent example of a weak man who is weakening families.

Something must be noted about our concept of “love.”  In this case, it seems to be something of a vacuous feeling.  It’s just so exciting for a teacher and student, right!  But love is more than a feeling, and more than a spur-of-the-moment flaking.  I suspect that for Hooker this isn’t love, but lust.  For the girl, she’s probably not mature enough to understand her own feelings.

We can all agree, this situation is a travesty.  It highlights the decay of moral decency in our society.  But Hooker is acting no worse than many members of Congress, and at least one of our current presidential candidates.