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Dr. Frank Turek recently visited Ohio University to present one of his popular “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” seminars.  Turek, who is opposed to gay marriage, incited opposition.

The problem stems from the fact that OU offers funding to recognized student organizations (such as Ratio Christi) to hold events.  These funds, which come from general tuition dollars, were used for this event.  Gay rights activists on the campus were furious.

As a side note, I want to point out that there are no “gay rights.”  There are human rights, that apply to gay people just as they apply to all other people.  But a “right” that applies only to a specific group of people is no “right” at all, it may at best be a privilege.  We should do away with the term “gay rights.”  There are human rights, and gays who demand certain privileges in light of their gayness.  But we shouldn’t confuse these with rights.

That stated, the Turek event at OU is interesting.  Turek was not speaking on gay marriage, yet gay students at OU felt the need to protest his visit and the funding Ratio Christi received for the event.  And this is all being done in the name of “diversity.”

That’s right, OU has stated they want to promote diversity and this might cause them to DENY funds to Ratio Christi events in the future.  This is beyond ironic.  Diversity requires allowing multiple legitimately different viewpoints.  For true diversity, OU’s gay activists must allow opposing viewpoints to be expressed.

But this shows this is not really about diversity.  This is an Orwellian situation in which “diversity” has come to mean “unanimity.”  The gay community at OU only wants diversity when the diverse viewpoints all express the same pro-gay privileges agenda.  To support diversity is no longer to permit the expression of multiple opposing viewpoints, but to permit the expression only of those views that support a certain minority position.

The only “diversity” allowed must be approved by the gay community.  Of course, observant people will notice this is not diversity at all.  This is actually the opposite of diversity.  On a diverse campus, all positions would be allowed to express themselves in accordance with their constitutional rights.  But here the opposing view must be silenced.  This is a demand for uniformity, not diversity.

Gay activists who cry out for diversity, but simultaneously seek to silence those who disagree with them, are in conflict with themselves.  They tolerance they demand be expressed toward them is denied to other groups.  The “diversity” they are clamoring for is unworthy of the name.  In a diverse society multiple opposing views are encouraged, not censored.